„The name Aesence is the connection of the two words „aesthetics“ and „essence“.
This connection perfectly shows our love to minimalistic and reduced design.“

We are Sarah and Gerald, a husband and wife team from Berlin. We founded Aesence in 2015 as our favorite place for minimal essentials for a cozy home. Besides Sarahs background in design and interior design (she’s got a B.A. in architecture and worked as a interior-visualizer and consultat for years) we both love to live a minimal life with beautiful things around us. We’ve always been a fan of owning and buying less and spending more for good quality, service and design. For us minimalism isn’t cold and sterile. We want to show the „soft“ version of minimalism #soft_minimalism.

Sarah is responsible for the selection of all products and Gerald takes care about business developement, collaborations and public relations. Our dream is to open a concept store one day with all the beautiful products we love, but until then we enjoy and share them here on our little website.

If you want to write us please feel free to contact us anytime. Just write us an email at If you’re interested in working with us in any way please write to We’re always open for collaborations which fit perfectly to the style and ethics of Aesence.

All the best,

Sarah & Gerald