If you want to address high-quality and discerning customers it is essential that the visual appearance reflects your projects core values in the best possible way. My passion is to focus on the details to ensure exactly that. The wise words of the great Designer Charles Eames describe my work the best: “The details are not the details. They make the design.” I believe that every little detail is an aesthetic symbiosis to create an outstanding and sticking appearance. Since 2010 I’ve worked with renowned real estate and design agencies worldwide and my work has been featured several times. This is what I can do for you:

Image / Design Curation
If you want to transport a specific mood or atmosphere, I’ll select the perfect composition to represent your idea or your next exhibition in the most aesthetic way. Curating is my passion and images, objects and colors are my way to speak.

Object Photography
A beautiful design object needs the perfect environment to shine as intended. I’ll provide aesthetic photographs for your marketing in the ‚Aesence image style‘ (some examples). If your object fits to the rest of the blog, I’ll write a short feature about it and promote it via my social media as well.

Design Consulting
Your project is almost ready for the release and you want an external, professional check over all your visual channels to ensure that it is consistent and aesthetic? I’d love to find the details that will do the trick for your brand without causing much work for your designers.

For enquiries please contact: work@aesence.com