Eduardo Chillida “Chillida in Menorca”

The exhibition “Chillida in Menorca” honors the famous Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida and his intense connection to the island of Menorca. On the occasion of his 100th birthday, the show presents over 60 works, including sculptures and works on paper, created between 1949 and 2000 during his time in Menorca. The artistic installations were designed by the architect Luis Laplace using local materials, which underlines the artist’s connection to the island and its natural environment.

The works reflect Chillida’s exploration of space, form and material, as well as his experiments with chamotte clay and the play of positive and negative spaces. Special attention is also given to the gravitational works, large steel sculptures and wooden reliefs that explore the relationship between form and space. Educational programs and partnerships promote sustainability in the region, which were also core themes of Chillida’s work.

Eduardo Chillida “Chillida in Menorca”
11 May → 27 October 2024

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