Aesence by Sarah Dorweiler

Aesence is the personal online repository by Sarah Dorweiler, entrepreneur from Berlin, to explore and share her love to the simplicity of minimalist design, art and photography.

Subtle Beauty

BoConcept has released some new accessories and I instantly fell in love with two of them.

Fernanda Gomes

Fernanda Gomes, a Brazilian artist born in 1960, combines sculptures and paintings made of materials like chalk, plaster and wood scraps.

Échasse Vases

Échasse Vases – The first piece in the now-iconic series was inspired by laboratory test tubes, designed by Theresa Arns.

Shapes of Evano

I founded a new business together with my dear husband Gerald. It‘s called Evano and it’s an inspiring community for like-minded entrepreneurs.

Volker Haug

Totally in love with the beautiful and minimal lamps designed by Volker Haug.

Tack End Table

The beautiful Tack End Table by Uhuru Design is a celebration of the simplicity of the object.

Contour Wall Lamp

Today I totally fell in love with the beautiful lamp designed by New York based design studio Allied Maker.