Mass Table by Ross Gardam
During Melbourne Design Week 2024, Studio Ross Gardam presented its latest limited edition, the Mass Table. The table is a combination of a minimalist design language and raw, natural elements. The development of the table led the studio on a contemplative journey exploring the fundamental equilibrium of form and mass. The straightforward design and the...

Minimalist Art

Aesence Newsletter for minimalist aesthetics
Aesence Newsletter for minimalist aesthetics

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Abstract Sculpture, created with Midjourney
Art can trigger many things in us, from joy and fascination to anger and disgust. But this perception is by no means a one-sided experience. On the contrary, it is a complex...
Is Minimalist Art Too Intellectual? Abstract Painting created with Midjourney by Aesence
It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a big fan of minimalist art. I love writing about this subject and exploring it. The thoughts, spiritual and/or philosophical background of the artist particularly...

Minimalist Design

Minimalist Kim Bench by Luca Nichetto for De La Espada
The Kim Bench is a minimalist bench designed by Luca Nichetto for De La Espada that reinterprets the classic design language of the 1950s....

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Minimalist Design

Minimalist Lamp Design - K Lamp by Vitamin

Minimalist Art

Antonia Ferrer, Cuerdas, Oil on primed canvas, 163x130x5cm © The Artist, Image Courtesy Alzueta Gallery


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Visiting Carla Cascales Alimbau in Barcelona | Aesence Studiovisit

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