Fred Sandback: Simple Facts

Fred Sandback. Simple Facts is a solo exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, presenting the work of the 20th century’s most influential minimalist artist. The exhibition includes installation and archival materials that link the artist’s 1975 Munich series with his earlier work. Sandback’s minimalist art was dedicated to various forms early on and centered on the relationship of the visible object to the invisible space.

The title of the exhibition ‘Simple Facts’ comes from a quote by the artist from a 1977 catalog: “I’m interested in working in that area in which the mind can no longer hold on to things. The point at which all ideas fall apart… My lines aren’t distillations or refinements of anything. They are simple facts, issues of my activity that don’t represent anything beyond themselves.”

Aesence was on-site and wrote a review of the exhibition: Fred Sandback – In Dialogue With Space At Hamburger Bahnhof

Fred Sandback: Simple Facts
31 March → 17 September 2023

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