Lee Ufan Solo Exhibition

Kukje Gallery presents a solo exhibition by renowned artist Lee Ufan from April 4 to May 28, 2023, his second exhibition at the gallery and his first presentation in Korea in 12 years. The show features six sculptures and four drawings from Lee’s oeuvre since the 1980s to current works and spans the gallery’s K1 and K2 spaces as well as the garden.

Lee Ufan’s works are characterized by minimalist forms and an engagement with reality and an exchange with the world. In his sculptures, which are part of his “Relatum” series, the artist explores relationships and connections between objects and contexts. In doing so, he invites the viewer to see themselves as part of the conversation between objects and to reflect on the concept of co-presence.

The exhibition also includes four drawings on paper from the “Dialogue” series, based on Lee’s iconic series of paintings. Despite the difference in medium, these works also convey the central theme of infinity and encourage the viewer to engage in deep introspection and meditation.

Lee Ufan Solo Exhibition
04 April → 28 May 2023

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