Maru Quiñonero “MOMENTO”

The show brings together a new body of work developed by Maru Quiñonero in the last few years that combines different materials never before formally used by the artist.

«Some ideas need some rest. And so do some colors. I started this project more than three years ago, but I left it in the middle because it wasn’t the right time. Everything in my work evolved around two fundamental elements: volume and color. So, I wanted to play with different surfaces; the dry chalk of the pastel pencils, the matte and light-colored paint on canvas, and the polished and transparent almost ethereal methacrylate.

It was an exercise closer to collage than painting itself, a game of contrasts that pursued the impulse and the need to work with hands.

To move and try to put pieces together, like a puzzle. Now it seems to me that this experiment of corporeality, one of these figures, stops everything. I feel that its stillness fills the work more than ever. They seem more still. But less heavy. Because these colors, soft, powdery, natural, and warm, manage to elevate the mood to a state of mind full of peace.

Now I know I have recognized the shapes I was looking for. And the colors have arrived.

They were already there, but I couldn’t find them. It was not the right moment.» Maru Quiñonero

Maru Quiñonero “MOMENTO”
22 September → 29 October 2022
© Installation view, Maru Quiñonero at Alzeuta Gallery
© Installation view, Maru Quiñonero at Alzeuta Gallery

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