Tony Smith “Wall, New Piece, One-Two-Three”

Pace Gallery in New York is presenting an exhibition of large-scale sculptures by minimalist artist Tony Smith this summer. From July 14 to August 19, visitors can admire the monumental works from the 1960s and 1970s and gain insight into the artist’s sculptural development. Prior to his career as a sculptor, Smith worked as an architect, including on projects by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The abstract sculptures presented in the exhibition are reminiscent of crystalline structures and inspired by natural phenomena. Through his exploration of architecture, science, mathematics, and philosophy, Smith created a new language of abstraction in the burgeoning Minimalism movement.

The gallery presents three black-painted steel sculptures that invite to be viewed and explored from different perspectives.

Tony Smith “Wall, New Piece, One-Two-Three”
14 July → 19 August 2023

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