K Lamp by Vitamin

The K Lamp is a minimalist lamp designed by the British brand Vitamin. It consists of two parts – a shade that acts as a diffuser and a base that houses the lamp. It is handmade in Stoke-on-Trent, UK an area synonymous with exceptional ceramic quality. The base form houses the lamp and the shade gently reflects the light into the room. This dispersed glow is achieved by an LED bulb allowing the lamp to be used in both ambient and working situations. The lamp is available in Terracotta, Earthenware, and Stoneware.

Vitamin is a British design brand created by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall in 2004. Based in London’s creative east end, Vitamin is dedicated to producing products that are not only functional and aesthetic but also fun and unique.

© Photography and words via Vitamin

Minimalist lighting via Aesence
K Lamp by Vitamin via Aesence
Basic Dimensions: Height: 240mm, Width: 95mm
Detailshot of a simple, minimalist Lamp by Vitamin
Simple, minimalist Lamp by Vitamin
Simple, minimalist Lamp by Vitamin

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