Jacob Bjorn Gallery

Jacob Bjorn Gallery, based in Aarhus, is a leading art gallery specializing in international contemporary art. The gallery focuses on works by established artists who are particularly active in the fields of Formalism and Minimalism within painting, sculpture and photography. With the aim of making contemporary art accessible to a broad international audience, the gallery organizes around 10 exhibitions a year and also participates in major international art fairs.

In addition, the Jacob Bjorn Gallery offers consultations for private and commercial collectors as well as museum institutions. Among the artists represented are Emma Bernhard, Søren Sejr, Stan Van Steendam and Frode Steinicke.

Aesence is an independent art and design publication dedicated to minimalist aesthetics. Founded out of a deep appreciation and fascination, Aesence aims to promote awareness and appreciation of minimalism in art and design.