Museum Insel Hombroich

The Museum Insel Hombroich is a unique institution in Germany that presents art and nature in a harmonious interplay. It was initiated in 1987 by the collector Karl-Heinrich Müller. The institution deliberately dispenses artificial lighting, signage and didactic elements in order to allow visitors to experience the art and landscape directly.

The museum is located in a 21-hectare nature reserve and includes various walk-in exhibition buildings and sculptures. These were developed in collaboration with artists such as Gotthard Graubner and Erwin Heerich as well as landscape planner Bernhard Korte.

In addition to the main area, the Hombroich Rocket Station and the Kirkeby Field also belong to the Hombroich Island Foundation, which together form a cultural area of over 60 hectares. The institution is not just a museum, but a place that stands out from the fast-paced and utility-oriented nature of modern society.

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