Statens Museum for Kunst

The SMK, Denmark’s largest art museum, plays a central role in the country’s art scene as the main national museum for visual art. Originally a royal collection, the museum now manages around 260,000 works of art covering a wide range of periods, from around 1300 to the present day. Highlights of the SMK include the Royal Collection of Graphic Art, one of the world’s most renowned collections of prints and drawings, and the Royal Cast Collection, which includes over 2,000 plaster statues.

Despite the impressive size of the collection, only a fraction of it is on permanent display. However, the SMK is committed to making its entire collection accessible online through digitalization, allowing it to present its treasures to a global audience. As a promoter of museum work and cultural cooperation, the SMK also plays an important role in cooperation between museums both in Denmark and internationally.

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