T12 Arc Chair by Depping & Jørgensen

The T12 Arc Chair is a stunning piece of minimalist design created by the renowned Danish design duo Depping & Jørgensen for Takt. The exquisite craftsmanship is evident in its simple sculptural appearance and delightful self-assemble experience.

Drawing on a classic Danish aesthetic, the chair bridges past and present, expertly combining timeless design values with modern craftsmanship and sustainable values. A unibody section functions as both back and arm rest, a feature that is inspired by furniture from ancient Greece. Special attention has been given to the balance of materials, with a steel tube structure giving the chair a light, modern feel and a wooden seat and back providing comfort and tactile appeal.

Moving the Arc Chair around the home is effortless and its comfortable, familiar seating is perfect for any setting. Combining the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern robotics for production, the minimalist chair is a precise and carefully crafted piece of design that is sure to inspire.

© Photography via Takt

T12 Arc Chair
Side view of the T12 Arc Chair by Depping & Jørgensen
Minimalist Chair Design
Minimalist Chair Design
Minimalist Product Photography by T12 Arc Chair by Depping & Jørgensen

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