Anca Side Table by Pedro Paulo Venzon

Anca (translate into English as “Hips “) is a side table / stool designed by Pedro Paulo Venzon. It forms part of a trio of pieces called the “Tríptico Infame” (Infamous Triptych). The “Tríptico Infame” is a look at the colonial devices, the technologies of confession and the rigid discipline that operated in the production of a redemptive iconography.

The piece intends to establish a hybrid relationship between severity and lightness, between sculpture and furniture, from a division between that which forms the order of function and that which, desecrating it, establishes dialogues not only with decolonial hyphenation, but also with contemporary aesthetic discourses.

In an embodiment of resumption, the piece departs from the typical structure of devotional painting. As a result, it produces a play between lack and balance, sacred and profane, lightness and severity, zero-degree functionality and concern with the narratives that underpin the culture of design.

© Photography and words via 1st dibs | Design by Pedro Paulo Venzon

Height: 32 cm, Width: 34 cm, Depth: 34 cm

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