Isamu Noguchi “This Earth, This Passage”

The exhibition “This Earth, This Passage” at the White Cube Gallery in London impressively presents the work of American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. The works on display, dating from the 1920s to the 1980s, demonstrate Noguchi’s versatile approach to a wide variety of materials, including bronze, hot-dipped galvanized steel, basalt, and granite.

Influenced by his travels and collaborations with major cultural figures of the 20th century, Noguchi developed a unique perspective on global culture. His work represents a “constant process of becoming” and attempts to capture a universal meaning that connects people. One of the exhibition’s central works, “This Earth, This Passage,” is a striking example of Noguchi’s search for a physical metaphor for human existence.

Collaboration with choreographer Martha Graham, among others, inspired Noguchi to adopt an approach to sculpture that expresses the spirit of an inner geography while considering personal, social, and cultural aspects. Expanding sculpture into garden design, playground development, and stage design, he created works that help viewers understand their place in the universe and integrate artistic processes into daily life.

Isamu Noguchi’s legacy lies in the hybrid material culture he created, which gives expression to his thoughts on what it means to be human. His belief in the human ability to connect beyond collective doubt permeates his entire body of work and informs the exhibition “This Earth, This Passage.”

Isamu Noguchi “This Earth, This Passage”
26 May → 01 July 2023

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