John McCracken

David Zwirner Gallery in Los Angeles is celebrating the 90th birthday of American artist John McCracken with an exhibition showcasing his signature planks and columns.

This first solo exhibition of McCracken’s work in the city in over twenty years honors his extensive body of work and his connection to Los Angeles, where he lived for many years. His work, which exerted a unique influence on subsequent generations of artists, became a distinctive West Coast variant of the emerging minimalist aesthetic that emerged in New York during those years.

The works presented in the exhibition reflect McCracken’s fascination with color, form, and surface as well as his desire to achieve impressive effects with minimalist means. The planks and columns, handcrafted from plywood coated with fiberglass and polyester resin, reflect and transform their surroundings, inviting a transcendent experience.

John McCracken’s works have been exhibited internationally and are represented in major collections. He has been associated with David Zwirner since 1997 and has had several solo exhibitions at the gallery in New York.

John McCracken
28 February → 30 March 2023

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