Fernanda Gomes – The Poetic Potential of Objects

Fernanda Gomes is a contemporary Brazilian installation artist, confidently straddling both painting and sculpture. Gomes considers the exhibition space an extension of her own studio – she always makes her work on-site, and only after spending sufficient amounts of time within it.

Fernanda Gomes is known for her large and small-scale installations, which are largely untitled and made up of fragile and elemental materials such as wood scraps, chalk, brick, plaster, cardboard, thread, gold, and water. Gomes’s approach to art-making is grounded in Brazilian Constructivism and Neo Concretismo, wherein her works act as a series of suggestions for movement through space and time.

“My intention is not to tie physical, architectonic space to a physical situation,” Gomes says, “but to a state of mental and emotional concentration.” Her works are often coated with a layer of white paint, which serves to heighten the expressive potential of each object and create a free environment for new ideas and values.

Gomes’s ability to transform ordinary materials into thoughtful and powerful works of art is what sets her apart from her peers. By introducing small changes in the space and carefully placing the processed materials within the room, she creates unusual and suggestive connections, allowing for a new understanding of the intrinsic poetic value of objects. Gomes’s installations and sculptural works are truly a sight to behold and are a testament to her powerful vision and skillful execution.

© All images: artsy.com, Galeria Luisa Strina, Alison Jacques Gallery

Aesence | Artist Fernanda Gomes
Untitled, 2017, Wood, paint, Image via ArtBasel
Aesence | Artist Fernanda Gomes
Untitled, 2015, Canvas, wood, paint
Image via Alison Jacques Gallery
Aesence | Artist Fernanda Gomes
Aesence | Artist Fernanda Gomes
Untitled, 2015, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Image via Artsy

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