Eduardo Chillida, Peine del Viento

The sculpture series “Peine del Viento XV” is one of the most important works by Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. Created on the basis of the architectural work of Basque architect Luis Peña Ganchegui, the sculptures emphasize the power and beauty of nature with their curved, massive forms.

They are located at the western end of La Concha Bay in San Sebastián. The three massive steel sculptures are embedded in the rocks and are partially washed by the waves. Each of these works of art weighs around ten tons and was brought to the site by helicopter, where they were positioned on specially constructed rails and finally installed in 1977.

Eduardo Chillida, Peine del Viento in San Sebastián, Spain
Eduardo Chillida, Peine del Viento in San Sebastián, Spain, Image Courtesy Miren Celayeta Guerra via Unsplash

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