Morgan Stokes – Investigating The Concept of Virtual Gaze

Morgan Stokes is an Australian emerging artist born in 1990 who ruminates on the virtual world through the mediums of painting and sculpture. After a successful series of shows in Europe, Stokes now resides in Sydney where he continues to explore the concept of the ‘Virtual Gaze’.

He pushes the boundaries of what art can be, giving insight into the divide between our virtual and physical experiences. Morgan’s works strive to show that painting can be more than just an image on a screen, but an experience that goes beyond likes and shares. Through ‘Virtual Gaze’, Morgan hopes to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world and reclaim the beauty of experiencing actual artwork in person.

On Becoming, Patinaed brass
Minimalist Art by Morgan Stokes with the Title "An image of being"
An image of being, 2021, 113x93cm
Painting by Morgan Stokes
Interior painting 1, 2022, 58x48cm

Stokes’ works embody a mindful experience, rejecting the sterile perfectionism of Minimalist art during the 1960s and early 1970s in favor of a more humanistic approach. He aims to create work that ‘embraces the hand and warmth of the artist behind the work’. His works are definitely a testament to his creative prowess.

As a talented, emerging artist, Morgan Stokes is one to watch and his works are bold as well as thought-provoking. His unique take on painting and sculpture offers viewers an interesting and meditative experience.

Pride and Reason, 2022
On Reality, 204x154cm, 2022
Painting by Morgan Stokes hanging on the Wall
#68724e Off Hex Painting 3, 2022
Poem From The Past 2022, 113x93cm, Stitched plastic bags and polyester organza
Spiritual Painting, 2022, 164x124cm, Oil and Wax on stitched hessian

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