Objects by Studiokyss

Kenny (Yong-soo) Son of Studiokyss is an object creator with one aim: to create objects that have life and bring value to everyday living. After completing a Bachelor of Honours in Visual Arts at The Sydney College of Arts in 2010, he went on to complete a Master in Design at The University of Technology Sydney in 2013.

It was then that Kenny established Studiokyss, a design studio specializing in decorative yet functional pieces that bridge craft and design. The aim is to create pieces that spark a physical and emotional connection with its user, giving them long-term value.

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Aesence | Studiokyss
Objects by StudioKyss
Aesence | Studiokyss

Aesence is an independent art and design publication dedicated to minimalist aesthetics. Founded out of a deep appreciation and fascination, Aesence aims to promote awareness and appreciation of minimalism in art and design.