Ray Table Lamp by Daniel Schofield

The minimalist table lamp ‘Ray’ by Daniel Schofield for Menu is a beautiful contemporary lighting solution with a practical edge. Its distinctive silhouette is inspired by traditional mining lamps and features a convenient handle for easy portability.

Crafted from powder-coated metal and glass, the lamp emits a soft, muted yet adjustable light from its energy-saving LED bulb, adjusted across three settings. Available in two beautiful colors, the lamp is a perfect addition to any interior design scheme.

Trained in graphic design and carpentry, and based between London and Copenhagen, Daniel Schofield’s approach to design finds beauty in simplicity. Whilst exploring materials and industrial processes, his work searches for reason, and places emphasis on what is essential. The outcome of this approach is charming and meaningful objects, that operate in an area between obviousness and intrigue, and which above all aims to make life that bit better.

© Photography by Menu

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