The Edit Vol.III with Liz Larner, Zaha Hadid, a minimalist patio and more

The internet is full of inspiration. Every day I discover beautiful design and inspiring interiors – “The Edit” is home to a wide variety of projects, from architecture to photography to graphic design.

Let’s start with the beautiful sculptures by Liz Larner, Zaha Hadid and Gareth Neal. The Ves-els for example are sculpted using oak to illustrate the fusion between technological innovation and traditional woodworking techniques to create a fluid, flowing design. Read more about it here.

Liz Larner, V , 2013. © Liz Larner and Regen Projects, Los Angeles,
Size: 248,9 x 223,5 x 172,7 cm
On est living I found this beautiful shot of the MLB Residence by Mim Design. © Sharyn Cairns captured it.

Minimalist mobile Webdesign Concept

On Dribble I found this simple mobile website concept by Berlin-based design studio Moonlight. Nowadays more and more people browse on mobile and I find that beautiful web design suffers because you have much less space on mobile. In this case I really like the typography and the overall layout of the text and images – together they create a beautiful, minimalist mobile website design.

© Moonlight Studio via Dribble

Minimalist patio by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

This house by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners is built in a way that it faces the opposite direction of all the other houses, and it looks out onto the horizon. The white walls are left blank so that nature can express itself. There are two photos from the patio of the house shot by photographer Jean-Luc Laloux that I particularly like:

© Photography by Jean-Luc Laloux
© Photography by Jean-Luc Laloux

Mixed Art Inspiration by Bertil Herlow Svensson, Almuth Tebbenhof and Atelier KHJ

I am a big fan of sculptures. I appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating this kind of art. I would like to end this edition of ‘The Edit’ with the following three sculptures:

Wave Set by Atelier KHJ via Aesence
© Wave Set by Atelier KHJ, 2021, Stainless Steel
Konstruktion by Bertil Herlow Svensson via Aesence
Konstruktion by Bertil Herlow Svensson

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