Villa BA by Gosseye + Verbeke

Architecture Gosseye + VerbekeYear 2021
Location Bruges, BelgiumPhotography Piet-Albert Goethals

Villa BA is a minimalist house designed by Gosseye + Verbeke, a Ghent-based, multidisciplinary design studio specializing in architecture, interior design and design objects.

In their designs they pursue a minimal style, without losing a sense of warmth or tactility. In addition, they place equal value on the sensory beyond the spatial experience. Eye for detail, refinement and elegance are therefore the common thread throughout our projects.

Aesence is a creative studio and digital design magazine with a high curatorial approach. Founded by Sarah Dorweiler, a creative mind and entrepreneur from Berlin, her goal is to capture the feeling of harmony, balance and inner peace in her curatorial work and photography.