w182 Pastille by Industrial Facility

The w182 Pastille, designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin (alias Industrial Facility) for wästberg, is a circle of light, held only by a thin line. It is a highly innovative luminaire that offers superior performance at an affordable price.

Thanks to its fluid rotation upwards, downwards, and around its own axis, the w182 Pastille can create both soft, diffuse light and gentle but much more defined light. It is a highly adaptable luminaire that can be clamped to shelves, mounted on the wall, or placed on the floor, thanks to its numerous mounting options.

For a particularly minimalist appearance, it can be wired invisibly into a table or wall surface. Every detail of the w182 Pastille has been carefully thought out and manufactured with the utmost precision – from over-molding metal parts and ultrasonic welding to the extraordinary dimmer knob at the top of the fixture.

© Photography by wästberg

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