Contemporary Art Shows in October 2023 For Minimalist Art Lovers

Autumn presents an impressive range of art exhibitions around the world. In Paris, art lovers can explore an extensive retrospective of color-field painter Mark Rothko at the Fondation Louis Vuitton starting in mid-October. At the same time, Paris+ par Art Basel opens, offering top-notch presentations by international galleries.

In Los Angeles, Lisson Gallery showcases the fascinating work of Sean Scully in the exhibition “LA Deep,” and in Madrid, Galerie Sabrina Amrani honors artist Jong Oh with an extraordinary exhibition that places space at the center of his artistic work. For those more interested in color than form, don’t miss the “Red” exhibition at De Brock Gallery in Knokke, extended through the end of October, which explores the emotional and symbolic significance of the color red in art. An amazing autumn start for minimalist art lovers!

Mark Rothko
Paris, Fondation Louis Vuitton, 18 October – 02 April 2024

The Fondation Louis Vuitton will open the first Mark Rothko retrospective in France since 1999 on October 18, 2023. The exhibition will feature 115 works by the artist and provide an overview of his career, from his early figurative paintings to his abstract works. Highlights of the exhibition include murals for the Four Seasons restaurant and the first “Rothko Room,” created in partnership with the Phillips Collection. We’ll be on-site to cover the exhibition.

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Paris+ par Art Basel
Paris, 20 October – 22 October 2023

Art Basel, founded in 1970 by Basel gallery owners, organizes the world’s leading art fairs for modern and contemporary art in cities such as Basel, Miami Beach, Hong Kong and Paris. Each fair is unique and is shaped by its respective city and region. At the second edition of Paris+ par Art Basel, 154 galleries from 34 countries will make high-profile presentations. In addition, a public program will be offered in collaboration with the city of Paris, free of charge for all visitors to strengthen the connection with the Parisian cultural scene.

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Sean Scully: LA Deep
Los Angeles, Lisson Gallery, 23 September – 4 November 2023

The exhibition “LA Deep” at Lisson Gallery in Los Angeles celebrates the impressive oeuvre of Sean Scully. A selection of works spanning more than five decades reveals the artist’s evolution and detailed intricacy. From his beginnings in the Supergrid series to innovative, large-scale works from 2023, Scully demonstrates his ability to transform and adapt. The show is accompanied by a catalog that includes Scully’s personal recollections as well as critical texts, making the exhibition an in-depth look at Scully’s artistic evolution.

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Lee Ufan
Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, 27 October – 10 March 2024

The first retrospective of Lee Ufan, the renowned painter and sculptor from Korea, is on view at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition features 50 works spanning five decades of his career and highlights Lee’s participation in the important art movements of Mono-ha in Japan and Dansaekhwa in Korea.

The show also emphasizes Lee’s decades-long engagement with painting by driving a dialogue between his expansive work “Relatum – The Mirror Road” and Rembrandt’s iconographic “Self-Portrait with Velvet Barret.” The exhibition serves as a comprehensive introduction to Lee’s work, allowing viewers to rediscover the formative movements of Japanese and Korean art in the 1970s. We’ll be on-site to cover the exhibition

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Jong Oh, Merestone
Madrid, Sabrina Amrani, 14 September – 4 November 2023

“Merestone” is a unique exhibition by artist Jong Oh at Sabrina Amrani Gallery, where space plays a central role in his artistic process. Oh creates minimalist sculptures that respond directly to the space, from random elements that the space provides him. His works, skillfully connected and hung from materials such as fishing wire or cotton threads, seem to float in space, suggesting dimensions beyond three-dimensional space through light and shadow.

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Jong Oh, Merestone, Exhibition View at Sabrina Amrani, 14 Sep - 4 Nov 2023
Jong Oh, Merestone, Exhibition View at Sabrina Amrani, 14 Sep – 4 Nov 2023

Extended: Group Exhibition “Red”
Knokke, De Brock Gallery, Extended until 30 October 2023

The exhibition “Red” at De Brock Gallery, extended through October 30, is a tribute to the power and intensity of the color red. The exhibition draws parallels between the symbolic and emotional significance of red throughout art history. It features works by renowned artists such as Ethan Cook, Keith Coventry, Donald Judd, Imi Knoebel, Sol LeWitt, Jason Martin, John McCracken, Serge Poliakoff, Niele Toroni and Lawrence Weiner. In varying shades of red, these works explore the dimensions of human emotion and art’s ability to express it.

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