Contour Wall Lamp by Allied Maker

Today I totally fell in love with the beautiful minimalist Contour Wall Lamp designed by Allied Maker. The arc, bent by hand, provides a simple yet striking geometric statement as it gracefully swivels against the wall, supporting the handmade glass sphere and giving off a diffused glow.

Allied Maker is a Long Island-based design and manufacturing studio, founded in 2012 by Lanette and Ryden Rizzo. Their mission is to provide artisan crafted, highly engineered, sophisticated yet simple lighting design solutions. The studio is inspired by natural materials such as brass, glass and hardwoods, and specializes in the use of thick gauge brass, solid American hardwoods, and hand-blown glass to create unique and beautiful pieces.

Each part is individually finished by hand to achieve a signature quality standard. The company is renowned for its use of natural patinas such as oxidizing brass and fuming oak, which give their pieces a richly textured and timeless quality that only improves with age. With a focus on craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality and detail, Allied Maker has become a leading name in the lighting design industry.

© All images: Allied Maker

Minimalist lamp design: Contour Wall Lamp by Allied Maker
Detailshot of the Contour Wall Lamp
Minimalist lighting design at its best - the Contour Wall Lamp by Allied Maker

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