IN SUBSTANCE’s vision for modern living

IN SUBSTANCE is a young design studio from Germany that has set itself the task of questioning the conventional paths of design. Founded by Dennis Adelmann, Carolin Wanitzek and Mo Benjabri, the three pursue the goal of creating durable and sustainable furniture that will continue to fascinate even after decades.

The aesthetics of IN SUBSTANCE are on the one hand reduced and unconventional, and yet striking and unusual thanks to the contrasting colors and materials. The minimalist design language of the pieces ensures optimal use of space without compromising on visual quality.

This results in objects that are more than just functional; they are an expression of the personality and lifestyle of their owners. In conversation with the team, the three explained to me that their objects are intended to become part of their owners’ identity and build a bridge between people and their living space. “Our aim is that our objects are not just simple pieces of furniture, but rather an extension of the personality and lifestyle of their owners. They create an almost emotional connection between people, our objects themselves and the space in which they are placed.”

In Substance
BAL is a minimalist and multifunctional side table.
In Substance
The shape of BAL consists of two laser-cut, identical circles and a cylindrical base made of powder-coated steel, which gives the viewer the impression of balance. It can be used as a coffee table, bedside table or as a stand-alone object in any room.

Sustainability is also an essential part of their philosophy, which is reflected in a holistic approach throughout the entire design process. For the team, longevity in furniture design not only means using sustainable materials, but also creating a design that remains aesthetically and functionally appealing for decades to come.

The IN SUBSTANCE portfolio currently consists of six objects that are carefully selected and developed. The decision as to which ideas become reality is based on an in-depth analysis of market demand, trends and customer feedback as well as feasibility in production. Both proven designs and innovative concepts find their way into the collection in order to meet customer needs and set new standards in furniture design.

The brand therefore not only stands for innovative furniture design, but also for a new way of looking at home and life, in which personality, sustainability and design not only play a role, but form the foundation.

We want our furniture not just to be objects, but to become part of our customers’ lives, to last for generations and always retain its charm and modernity.

In Substance
HYBRID stool, designed by IN SUBSTANCE in cooperation with designer Maurice Schilling.
In Substance
HYBRID can be used in a variety of ways: As a stool with cushions or as a side table.
In Substance
HYBRID can be used as a bench or low table and is precisely manufactured from powder-coated aluminum. The seat cushion is upholstered in a fabric by Kvadrat, designed by Raf Simons.

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