Layered PP by Hyungshin Hwang

Hyungshin Hwang, a Korean designer from Seoul (b. 1981) creates minimalist furniture with polypropylene board in his ‘Layered Series’, which includes stools, tables, and shelves. These objects are made using polypropylene (PP) boards, usually used for moving boxes.

By arranging the boards into a pile and heating them, the surfaces melt and stick together, creating a solid structure resembling stone. Although the objects are made of plastic, the material is hardly recognizable. The monotone coloring and structural form reveal the plastic cardboard only on a closer look.

In his recent work, Hwang has been experimenting with different materials while also keeping the original form or applying one technique to various materials. His creations were first presented at the KIAF in 2007 and have since been featured at the DMY Berlin Design Festival and various other shows.

Hyungshin Hwang graduated B.F.A and M.F.A from Hongik University, and is currently based in Seoul. There he continues to produce a variety of objects and participate in various projects. His mission is to articulate ordinary experiences and past memories through creating objects.

Layered PP by Hyungshin Hwang
Chair 01, 360 x 600 x 810 mm, polypropylene, 2014
Layered PP - Chair 02
Chair 02, 330 x 540 x 600 mm, polypropylene, 2014
Layered PP - Chair 03
Chair 03, 300 x 540 x 990 mm, polypropylene, 2014
Layered PP by Hyungshin Hwang
Stool 01, 330 x 270 x 450 mm, polypropylene, 2014
Layered PP by Hyungshin Hwang
Stool 02, 390 x 240 x 540 mm, polypropylene, 2014

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