Volker Haug – Elegant And Minimalist Lighting

Founded in 2004, Volker Haug Studio is a Melbourne-based decorative lighting practice renowned for its elegant and minimalist lighting. Led by an experienced team of designers and makers, the studio creates lighting that leans on experimentation and discovery, resulting in pared-back, immaculate works. Since its founding, Volker Haug Studio has solidified a long tradition of producing well-crafted lighting pieces with a distinct sense of individuality.

The Volker Haug Studio collection is made up of carefully selected materials to punctuate spaces with form and finish. From minimal fittings to sculptural installations, the collection features both ceiling and wall-mounted designs that are individually made to order and supplied with a lamp of choice. The Studio is renowned for its reinterpretation of pendant lights, with its use of lines and symmetries, making each piece unique.

© All images: Volker Haug

The Wide Step Pendant by Volker Haug
The Wide Step Pendant is a unique combination of structural lines and subtle gestures. Its asymmetrical kick and balanced step are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while its modular range and minimal design draw attention to the intricate craftsmanship of each detail. This pendant is sure to stand out in any space.
Minimalist pendant lamp by Volker Haug
Aesence | Volker Haug
Tripple Kick
Aesence | Volker Haug
The U Chain series hangs with gravity and a sense of equilibrium, appearing lightly balanced on a fixed anchor point.
The Flipside Pendant, a reinterpretation of the traditional pendant, is a showstopper, featuring oversized discs suspended at an angle. Made from high-quality brass, the customizable Flipside can be arranged singularly or grouped in clusters, creating a dramatic effect.
Aesence | Volker Haug
Flipside Triple

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