Cadogan Gallery London

For four decades, Cadogan Gallery has emerged as an independent Contemporary Art gallery, providing spaces in London and Milan. The gallery opened its doors in 1980 in South Kensington, London. Since then, it has been providing a platform for a range of emerging and mid-career artists.

Under the leadership of Freddie Burness since 2014, the gallery’s distinctive program has been enriched with an international perspective, while continuing to represent, and support its artists. Featuring pieces from minimalist artists and abstract artists such as Andreas Diaz Andersson, Richard Zinon, Leonardo Anker Vandal, Kim Bartelt and more, visitors are presented with a beautiful display of diverse artworks encompassing a range of mediums and expressions.

Aesence is an independent art and design publication dedicated to minimalist aesthetics. Founded out of a deep appreciation and fascination, Aesence aims to promote awareness and appreciation of minimalism in art and design.