Paper Lamp by Jonas Lutz – A Study in Lighting

Jonas Lutz brings us the Paper Lamp, a study in lighting which was born out of the designer’s own explorations in his home. Crafted with light, material, and spatial dimensions, this lamp stands out for its novel use of magnets which enable easy removal of the lampshade.

This provides a tilt mechanism where the lampshade can be positioned in two different ways; in full downward tilt, the lamp casts a gentle, intimate illumination while in an upward position, the lamp shines brightly with a more directed beam of light. As the lampshades are interchangeable and available in multiple colors, this adds a further level of customization to the design, perfect for any setting. The Paper Lamp is an ideal piece for all – whether for use at home, in the office, or in a hotel room.

The bold simplicity and elegant solutions of Finnish-born designer Jonas Lutz’s objects exude a sense of tacit playfulness that immediately conveys his continuous search for the novel and undiscovered. From his Nordic furniture traditions to the lively design culture of the Netherlands, Jonas draws inspiration for the creation of pieces that pair understated forms with a gentle touch that invites interaction.

His process, which mirrors the act of a sculptor, begins with self-given briefs that challenge him to explore different materials and concepts. Having earned a bachelor’s in design from Design Academy Eindhoven, Jonas has partnered with renowned labels and brands. His pieces are also available to purchase at the Vitra Design Museum, as well as online at Åben and Gallery Lokal in Helsinki.

Currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Jonas is continuing his quest for exploration, discovery, and masterful balance of form and materials.

Paper Lamp by Jonas Lutz
Paper Lamp by Jonas Lutz
Paper Lamp by Jonas Lutz

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