The art of Pedro Paulø-Venzon

Absolutely great design from the young and very talented designer Pedro Paulø-Venzon.

Pedro Paulo Venzon is an outstanding designer who creates art objects and artifacts. His purpose is to create works that come from a decolonial view of modern design in Brazil. Since graduating in 2011, he has received important awards, highlighting his skills as a designer.

The current discussion of design in the Brazilian and international market is more and more about the synthesis between the authoritarian and the industrial, the local and the global, and tradition and its displacement. This is the focus of Pedro Paulo Venzon’s designs.

© All images  Pedro Paulø-Venzon

Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair Black
Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair Black Marble
Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair Golden
Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Gold and Black

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