The art of Pedro Paulø-Venzon

Absolutely great design from the young and very talented designer Pedro Paulø-Venzon. Pedro Paulo Venzon is a designer who has produced objects and artefacts, and whose concern is to create pieces that arise from a decolonial reading of the discussions surrounding contemporary and modem design in Brazil.

© All images  Pedro Paulø-Venzon

Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair Black
Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair Black Marble
Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair Golden
Aesence | Pedro Paulo Venzon Gold and Black

Aesence is a creative studio and digital design magazine with a high curatorial approach. Founded by Sarah Dorweiler, a creative mind and entrepreneur from Berlin, her goal is to capture the feeling of harmony, balance and inner peace in her curatorial work and photography.