Border Table by Nendo Using Space As Part of Its Structure

Nendo created the Border Table as a minimalist piece for their solo exhibition at the “EYE OF GYRE” gallery in Omotesando for Tokyo Designers Week 2015. It is often difficult to predict the context in which mass-produced furniture will be used, so designs often become bland, “average” ones that can be used for any purpose.

This resulted in the homogenization of spaces, so Nendo decided to create a unique design from a specific space. They thus walked around the gallery, taking note of the seemingly “troublesome” elements such as corners and protruding columns that could be incorporated into their design.

This led to the creation of minimalist tables consisting of a 5mm square metal rod with a 100mm radius tabletop attached to it. Additionally, these tables “parasitized” onto the corners, walls, floors, and exhibition stands, using the space itself as part of their structure.

© Photography by Hiroshi Iwasaki

Minimalist Border Table by nendo
A minimalist table that adapts to the environment
Minimalist Border Table by nendo
The border table almost looks like s sculpture
The table nestles in its environment
The minimalist table makes perfect use of this corner
Minimalist Border Table by nendo
Utilizing corners
The minimalist table takes advantage of its environment

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