Pilier Series by Sizar Alexis

Sizar Alexis is a Swedish-Iraqi product and furniture designer that experiments with objects that display serenity through geometrical shapes, while remaining robust in volume. His trademark style is built on creating objects bear a strong character, accomplished through the use of raw and imperfect surfaces in combination with a deep interest in Brutalism and the rich cultural and architectural heritage from ancient Mesopotamia. He uses the delicate character of noble materials juxtaposed with Brutalist angular shapes to create objects that stand the test of time.

The Pilier Series is a series of boldly sculpted furnitures and objects, an appreciation of the raw metal feel and texture. A symbiosis between craftsmanship and industrial production.

© Words by Micha van Dinther from TypeO, Photography by Sizar Alexis

Pilier Side Table, an appreciation of the raw metal feel and texture
Pilier Side Table
Dimensions: length 40cm, width 34cm, height 39cm, Weighs: ~15 kg
The series is made in steel without any welds. Assembled by Sizar Alexis in Eskilstuna, where various parts goes into one and another then locked in place by custom made threaded pins and nuts that looks like the supporting pillars.
Pilier Low Sideboard
Dimensions: length 182cm, width 40cm, height 40cm, Weighs: ~50kg
Pilier Low Sideboard with Accessories by Sizar Alexis
Pilier Tray Small
Dimensions: length 23cm, width 23cm, height 6cm
Material: Blackened steel and ox leather
Pilier Tray Low
Dimensions: length 35cm, width 28cm, height 4,5cm
Material: Blackened steel and ox leather

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