Rive Side Table By Homefolks

The Rive side table radiates balance and harmony with its two sensuous, organic wood forms. Resembling stacked pebbles, it is a statement piece, both bold and sculptural, that draws similarities to man-made cairns that have been used as markers and ritual sites since the dawn of time. Crafted in England from ebonised oak, this process gives the wood a rich, earthy hue that celebrates the unique grain and character of the material.

Founded by Zoe Imber and Romain Parize, Homefolks reflects the founders philosophy of living. A reflection through aesthetics and functionality tinged with playful sophistication, the Homefolks collection crosses boundaries between design and art. If you want to learn more about the philosophy and thoughts of the two Homefolks founders, I recommend the interview I did with them:

© Photography by Homefolks, found via thesefourwalls

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