SFIR – table luminaire by Johannes Budde

SFIR is a table luminaire that is designed to generate a creative interplay between humans and objects in order to experience light in a new way. 

As a human-centered design, the luminaire invites the user to playfully interact and switch between different light ambiances depending on utility and desire. 

The expressive heart of SFIR, a massive glass sphere, acts as a sophisticated spherical joint mechanism to enable a seamless 3D motion of the lampshade while it also captures the light beams coming out of the luminaire’s foot. A fascinating tension is created between the shade and the sphere, creating an either static or dynamic appeal. 

The LED luminaire follows a timeless design approach, consisting of simple geometrical shapes. Thanks to a convenient (de-)assembling system that requires no tools,  SFIR is an expressive design that puts the human experience with light into the center.

© Photography via Johannes Budde

Minimalist table lamp
SFIR – table luminaire by Johannes Budde
Detailshot of the table lamp
SFIR – table luminaire by Johannes Budde
Interiorshot of the minimalist table lamp by Johannes Budde

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