Solid Collection by Seppe van Heusden

Vheus is the personal brand of Seppe van Heusden. To produce independently he created Vheus as a tradename. The purpose of the latest collection called “Solid” is to make use of the characteristics of the material and its process in the form of objects that express calmness. The simplicity in the objects brings focus on the understated casted stone. The objects are refined in their size and details and contain an architectural relation, to subtly enhance a space.

In contrast to regular stone objects, the source material for casted stone is a powder. It is a type of synthetic plaster and is sourced as a byproduct / wasteproduct in the transformation of sugar into lactate. Casting is a production method which produces no waste and uses all of the material, since it doesn’t require any cutting, turning, drilling or even sanding.

© Words and images by Seppe van Heusden

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