Stephan Siebers – Exploring the Balance Between Volume and Mass

Stephan Siebers (b.1963), a German-based artist, is captivating audiences with his minimalist sculptures that explore the possibilities of gravity and illusion. Influenced by the unorthodox approach of the Bauhaus aesthetic and renowned minimalist sculptors like Richard Serra, Sol LeWitt, and Anthony Caro, Siebers combines industrial materials to create highly complex pieces that display a unique balance between volume and mass.

Through their play of form and material, Siebers’ sculptures explore elementary questions of sculpture, balance, and gravitation to invoke unexpected dialogues with the viewer. Yet despite their heavy nature, Siebers manages to make his works appear light and airy – free from the ballast of representationalism – inviting viewers to explore their own existence with newfound clarity.

Minimalist sculpture by Stephan Siebers
LAYERING V, 2020, Steel with Patina, 17x8x5cm © The Artist
Steel with Patina Scultpure
LAYERING I, 2020, Steel with patina, 12x12x12cm © The Artist

In this way, Stephan Siebers’ work is able to capture fleeting moments and transient emotions in a permanent form. His sculptures evoke a sense of meditative calm, while also challenging viewers to think about the nature of balance and stability.

Playing with gravity and illusion - the minimalist sculpture by Stephan Siebers
LAYERING III, 2020, steel with patina, 40x15x10cm © The Artist
Sculpture by Stephan Siebers
Cube III, Steel with patina, 152cm © The Artist

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