Amuleto Side Table by Vettoretti and Dolores

Unno is a platform by and for Latin American young designers whose aesthetic concept portrays the conjunction of strong poetic statements and deep life experiences with fresh ideas that constantly defy the status quo and rekindle shape and materials.

Founded by Abe Vettoretti and Maria Dolores, they share this aesthetic connection through their first collection of pieces. One of this pieces is the Amuleto Side Table. As its name suggests, Amuleto conjures up the protection and strength of divine beings: the presence of colliding forces that unite in order to protect some- thing precious and valuable. Hand Made in Mexico, Limited Edition of 15.

© Photography and words via Unno Gallery

Hand Carved Lava Rock, Solid Black Orizaba Polished Marble, Polished Brass, 35W x 35D x 65H cm

Hand Made in Mexico
Limited Edition 15

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