An exploration of the essence of aesthetics

I started Aesence 7 years ago. It was supposed to be a platform where I could share the things I liked with the world. Design, art, architecture, and photography. A lot has happened since then. Aesence has evolved into my creative studio with a focus on minimalist aesthetics.

The journal has remained, but new content has become less and less as I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with it over the last 2-3 years. Social media and the “pressure” to produce content didn’t fit with one of my core values: quality. People’s hunger for inspiration is obviously growing and demanding more – Or are we becoming dull? Well, that’s another question.

Other platforms out there are playing the game, even if some say they are not. But if I publish new content every day, where is the quality?

© Image: Aesence
Minimalist photography by Sarah Dorweiler via Aesence
What is the essence of minimalist aesthetics?
© Image: Aesence

A solution was needed. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a nerd. If a topic interests me then I dive in. Deep. Over the last 12 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of aesthetics. What does the word mean? Why do we find certain things aesthetic and others not? What happens in the brain when we look at art or design? Why am I drawn to simplicity and feel deep, inner peace when I look at “Return 1″ by Brice Marden for example?

I have been exploring all these questions over the last few years, taking notes, reading articles, books, papers, etc. But I have never published them. Why? I can’t tell you. 

I want to give more meaning to the category of so-called “Inspirational Platforms”. Moving away from quantitative mass posting to meaningful engagement with what I’m looking at. Or do you remember what your favorite IG account posted a year ago? Or even more drastically – 3 months ago?

Aesence is an invitation for all those who appreciate the importance of good aesthetics, for all those who want to be deeply inspired and not see the same thing everywhere. For all those who want to pay respect and honor those who inspire us with their work.

So, what does the essence of aesthetics mean to me? Well, aesthetics is a very broad and purely subjective perception. Many scientists and philosophers try to find out what we find aesthetic, why, and what not. Connections are found and assumptions are made. The brain is examined and studies are set up. But no one can explain to me why I find certain things beautiful and someone else does not. 

For me, the essence of aesthetics is not to define or interpret. But to feel. How does it feel when I look at this work of art? Do I feel good or bad when I have this chair in my home? Because this is something that I think is timeless and doesn’t change. Trends come and go, but the feeling remains the same. And for me, a good feeling always sets in when something has a minimalist aesthetic. So what better way to dedicate an entire online magazine to this exciting topic? 

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FunFact: 7 is my absolute favorite number, I like how it looks and sounds. So it’s a nice coincidence to give Aesence a new direction after 7 years. 

About Exploring Aesthetics:

Sarah loves asking questions and exploring the things she engages with on a daily basis. Exploring aesthetics is her column which discusses art, design, and aesthetics to explore, inspire, and question the status quo.

Aesence is a creative studio and digital design magazine with a high curatorial approach. Founded by Sarah Dorweiler, a creative mind and entrepreneur from Berlin, her goal is to capture the feeling of harmony, balance and inner peace in her curatorial work and photography.