The Essence of Aesthetics

When I founded Aesence in 2015, I couldn’t have imagined the direction this project would take. However, after more than 3 years – Aesence was only a hobby project for me at this point – I found it increasingly difficult to produce new content. Social media and the “pressure” to produce content didn’t fit with one of my core values: quality. People’s hunger for inspiration is growing and demanding more.

Other platforms out there are playing the game, even if some say they are not. But if I publish new content every day, where is the quality?

A solution was needed because it just didn’t feel right anymore. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a nerd. If a topic interests me then I dive in. Deep. Over the last 12 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of aesthetics. What does the word mean? Why do we find certain things aesthetic and others not? What happens in the brain when we look at art or design? Why am I drawn to simplicity and feel deep, inner peace when I look at “Return 1″ by Brice Marden for example?

I have been exploring all these questions over the last few years, taking notes, reading articles, books, papers, etc. But I have never published them. Why? I can’t tell you. 

Abstract Minimalist Art | Aesence
© Image: Aesence
White minimalist Table Lamp | Aesence
What is the essence of minimalist aesthetics? © Image: Aesence

The Origin of the Name Aesence

When I had the idea for Aesence back then, I knew I needed a special name. A name that expresses exactly what I intend to do with this project. What is the essence? Why are we so attracted to aesthetics? What makes it so special? What is the essence of aesthetics? That’s how the word was born, as a perfect combination of these two words.

So, what does the essence of aesthetics mean to me? For me, it means not to define or interpret. But to feel. How does it feel when I look at this work of art? Do I feel good or bad when I have this chair in my home? Because this is something that I think is timeless and doesn’t change. Trends come and go, but the feeling remains the same. And for me, a good feeling always sets in when something has a minimalist aesthetic. Because this aesthetic is so much more than what you see at first glance.

Aesence is the voice for minimalist aesthetics. An invitation for all those who want to understand and engage with this aesthetic. I am proud to create this platform that promotes awareness and appreciation of minimalism in art and design.

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Fun Fact: 7 is my absolute favorite number. So it’s a nice coincidence to give Aesence a new direction after 7 years. 

About Exploring Aesthetics:

Sarah loves asking questions and exploring the things she engages with on a daily basis. Exploring aesthetics is her column which discusses art, design, and aesthetics to explore, inspire, and question the status quo.

Aesence is an independent art and design publication dedicated to minimalist aesthetics. Founded out of a deep appreciation and fascination, Aesence aims to promote awareness and appreciation of minimalism in art and design.