Minimalist sculpture by Jorge Oteiza – Unidad mínima
Jorge Oteiza – Unidad mínima

Unidad mínima by Jorge Oteiza

Unidad mínima by Jorge Oteiza

1959, Steel sheet, 44 x 50 x 36 cm

© Photo Credits: Museo Reina Sofía under Fair Use

Jorge Oteiza, one of the most respected Basque artists of the 20th century, was a pioneer of abstract art in Spain. With inspiration from modernist artists, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, and Piet Mondrian, Oteiza devised a new approach to sculpture. He created his highly geometric works by experimenting and exploring the process of emptying simple geometric shapes like the cylinder, sphere and cube. One of this works was Unidad mínima, from the year 1959.

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