Fazer by Studio Gud – A Game Between Geometric Shapes And Bold Materials

Studio Gud designed a beautiful and minimalist series of accessories made of marble and brass. The collection is a game between geometric shapes and bold materials and consists of two mirrors and a candlestick. It is for sale through the online store of & Ratio.

Based in Porto, Portugal, the studio was founded by designers Alexandre Kumagai and Paulo Neves. The studio seeks to capture the beauty in truth, creating objects that embody our culture and memories. Attention to detail is at the forefront of their creations, looking to take full advantage of the materials used. Since 2016, Paulo Neves has been running the studio and its mission is to create something meaningful, encompassing design, objects, spaces, and stories.

© All images: Studio Gud

Aesence | Fazer by Studio Gud
Aesence | Fazer by Studio Gud

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