Laura Sachs, Dusty H., 2022, oil on canvas, 180x150cm, © Laura Sachs, Photography Trevor Lloyd
Laura Sachs (b. 1985) is a contemporary German artist who explores the boundaries between painting and object in her reduced, abstract works. She initially studied philosophy and art in Frankfurt am Main and completed her studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in 2018 as a master student. Sachs’ works are characterized by precise and balanced...

Minimalist Art

Aesence Newsletter for minimalist aesthetics
Aesence Newsletter for minimalist aesthetics

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Abstract Painting created with Midjourney by Aesence
Today I would like to share my thoughts on a very controversial and yet interesting topic: the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in art. There are already countless articles and opinions on...
Is Minimalist Art Too Intellectual? Abstract Painting created with Midjourney by Aesence
It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a big fan of minimalist art. I love writing about this subject and exploring it. The thoughts, spiritual and/or philosophical background of the artist particularly...

Minimalist Design

Jade by Malgorzata Bany | Minimalist Art
Malgorzata Bany is a Polish artist and designer working and living in London. Her work ranges from sculptures, furniture, and homewares. The Jade collection...
Minimalist Lamp 'Tension' by Hayden Martis
Hayden Martis’ minimalist lamp, Tension, is made of aluminum and has a simple and captivating design. The geometric shape consists of a cylinder as...

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Minimalist Design

Minimalist Lamp Design - K Lamp by Vitamin

Minimalist Art

Antonia Ferrer, Cuerdas, Oil on primed canvas, 163x130x5cm © The Artist, Image Courtesy Alzueta Gallery


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Visiting Carla Cascales Alimbau in Barcelona | Aesence Studiovisit

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