Barnett Newman, Abraham, 1949, Oil on canvas, 210.2 x 87.7 cm © 2023 Barnett Newman Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York via MoMa
Black – a color that has always been associated with strong emotions and a certain mysticism. It stood not only for the simple representation of darkness and night but also carried symbolic connotations such as power, melancholy and death. However, this perception changed in the 20th century with the emergence of Abstract Art. Artists of...

Minimalist Art

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Minimalist abstract monochrome painting
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. A saying we’ve all heard before and have probably said ourselves. Sure, aesthetics are subjective – but is that really the case? Numerous studies...
Abstract Sculpture, made with Midjourney by Aesence
The pursuit of abstraction is as old as humanity itself. From prehistoric cave drawings to ancient Greek sculptures of the Cyclades, abstraction is a timeless expression of our human need to break...

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Minimalist Design

Minimalist Lamp Design - K Lamp by Vitamin

Minimalist Art

Antonia Ferrer, Cuerdas, Oil on primed canvas, 163x130x5cm © The Artist, Image Courtesy Alzueta Gallery



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