Minimalist Art

Jens Fröberg, Setting a Good Corner, 38x28 cm, oil on canvas, 2019-2020. Photo: GRAYSC
Jens Fröberg (b. 1983), an emerging Swedish artist, is captivating with his minimalist and often monochromatic paintings. Born in Malmö, Sweden, Fröberg completed his...
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Generated minimalist chair design
The well-known formula “form follows function” has long been considered the unofficial mantra of the design world. It states that the design of an object or product is primarily determined by its...

Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design 'Split' by Nendo for Marsotto edizioni
Split is a minimalist collection of tables designed by nendo for Marsotto edizioni, an Italian brand specializing in marble furniture. This piece of furniture...

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Minimalist Design

Minimalist Lamp Design - K Lamp by Vitamin

Minimalist Art

Antonia Ferrer, Cuerdas, Oil on primed canvas, 163x130x5cm © The Artist, Image Courtesy Alzueta Gallery



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